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TitleWorkforce 6-8-17- final_DRAFT_ACD_Final
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Table of Contents
                            Enhancing Stewardship: The Next Generation of Researchers Initiative
	Good Stewardship is Essential to NIH
	The Observation
	Hypercompetition: Applicants and Awardees for NIH RPGs
	21st Century Cures Act
	Age of Investigators Funded by NIH
	How Do We Maximize the Impact of NIH Funding?
	How Do We Stabilize the Career Trajectories of Scientists?
	Bending the Curve to Ensure Support for PIs at All Career Stages: New Proposed Plan
	Implementation of This New Proposed Plan
	NIH Can’t Afford to Support Everything:Good Stewardship is Essential
	Assessing Impact of NIH Research: Developing Metrics of Productivity
	NIH Tools to Assess Influence of Publications
	Going Forward

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