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TitleYour Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour
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Table of Contents
Preface by Rose Apodaca
Introduction: Making Your Mark
Part One: Underneath It All
	1 Face Forward
	2 Curves, Swerves, and the Pinup Physique
		The Winning Stretch
		Five to Fierce
		Arms to Hold . . . Beaucoup Bangles
		High on Heels
		Making an Exit
		Knead to Rest
		The Cooldown
	3 Beautify Your Bosom
	4 Bathing Beauty
	5 Strip, Tweeze
	6 Simply Scentillating
Part Two: Cosmetically Yours
	7 Kiss and Makeup
	8 A Good Foundation
		Ready, Set, Apply
	9 Making Eyes
		Framing a False Impression
		Eye of the Tiger
		Night Vision
	10 Arch de Triomphe!
		How to Get the Brow Factor
	11 Cheek to Chic
		Simply Cheek!
	12 Mark the Spot!
		Marking the Spot
	13 Lipstick Traces
		Painting Those Lips
	14 Hand Over Moon
	15 Striking Below the Waist
Part Three: Mane Attraction
	16 Head Over Heels
	17 Your True Colors
	18 Making Arrangements
		The Perfect Wind-Up: It’s How I Roll
		The Brush-Out
		Taming Flyaways
		Let the Good Styles Roll
		The Pageboy
		The Signature
Part Four: Stages of Beauty
	19 Body of Work
	20 Under the Kliegs
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